第3回KENT写真展開催 Villa法然院西にて

投稿日:2018年8月29日   カテゴリ:Information

第3回KENT写真展開催 Villa法然院西にて

開催期間  2018年11月8日(木) ~ 11月11日(日)

時 間   AM11時 ~ PM6時

開催場所  Villa法然院西




The photo exhibition sponsored by Mr. Hiroyuki Siato, the president of “KENT.” who constructed this hotel, will be held at this hotel this year.
As Mr. Saito built the hotel with such a great finish by using the Kyoto Kitayama materials cleverly, we believe that he would make a fascinating exhibition at this hotel, which is different from a dedicated venue.
Those who are interested in photographs as well as strolling along the Path of Philosophy, Oku Higashiyama of Kyoto, should definitely come and visit us, and please enjoy the different atmosphere of the place than usual.